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At Southeast Primary Care Partners, we understand the demands and challenges faced by primary care physicians and offer comprehensive management services to help them focus on delivering high-quality care to their patients.

Our management team has firsthand experience with the unique difficulties of primary care practices and is dedicated to supporting our partners and helping them grow and succeed.

Area of ImportancePrivate PracticeHospitalIndependent Medical Group (SPCP)
Financial RiskHighLowLow
Administrative ResponsibilityHighMediumLow
Practice Management SupportNoneHighExtensive
Ability to Focus on Patient CareHighMediumHigh
Potential for Professional Growth and DevelopmentLimitedExtensiveExtensive
Opportunities for Collaboration and Sharing of Best PracticesLimitedExtensiveExtensive
Potential for Increased Earning PotentialLimitedMediumHigh
Time and Energy Spent on Non-Clinical Activities (e.g. Billing)HighMediumLow
Ability to Offer a Wide Range of Services and Specialties to PatientsLimitedExtensiveExtensive
Practice Value-Based CareLimitedLowExtensive
Access to the Latest Technology and Medical AdvancesLimitedExtensiveExtensive
Ability to Practice AutonomouslyExtensiveLowHigh
Potential for Improved Work-Life Balance and Reduced BurnoutLimitedMediumHigh
Ability to contribute to the greater good of the community and advancement of healthcare as a wholeLimitedHighHigh
Collaboration with other healthcare professionalsLimitedExtensiveExtensive
Quality improvement and patient safety initiativesLimitedExtensiveExtensive
Opportunities for Leadership and Participation in Group Decision MakingLimitedMediumExtensive

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Ready to grow your primary care practice and preserve your independence? We offer flexible partnership options for practices of all sizes and types, serving diverse patient populations. Join our community of clinicians who value collaboration and comprehensive care. Let's get started today.

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